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Our Methods

We have the ability to heal our bodies with specific dietary and lifestyle changes, herbal medicine, and quality nutritional supplements.  Our focus is to provide nutritional support to help your nervous system restore you to better health.

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Restore your health

Why use an ordinary approach to your health when you can utilize advanced Functional Medicine testing and support? Simply put, our Functional Medicine doctors and staff use specialty testing and all-natural supplementation to help you regain your health. Our strategy uses no drugs, period.

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Take control

Getting your diet right is crucial. Our food testing always includes a master Wellness Diet Plan customized just for you. Precision is crucial since the right food can literally become your medicine.

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maximize your potentiaL

Advanced Home Testing Kits

Special problems require a special approach. Our success comes from going beyond ordinary medical tests or prescriptions in order to help our clients. Cutting-edge stool, food, hormone and toxin tests help us uncover hidden causes of the things getting in the way of your health potential.

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We are pleased to be able to help our clients no matter where they live. We can guide you remotely by video chat, phone calls, email or even ordinary mail service. Our test kits and products can be mailed virtually anywhere. Even our ultra-busy local clients love this convenient approach.

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Treat & Prevent disease

Some of our clients require close management of special conditions that they are just not receiving from their ordinary healthcare providers. We are glad to provide careful help for ADD/ADHD, Adrenal Fatigue, Autism, Anxiety, Auto-Immune Disease, Crohn’s disease, Depression, Digestive Disorders, Food Sensitivity, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Sex Hormone Malfunction, Unwanted Medication Use, Sleep Trouble, Stress Overload, Toxicity, Thyroid Disease, and Weight Loss. 

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Achieve optimal health

Many of our clients came to us as healthy individuals looking for more. These are some of our favorite clients. Good news, adults and children alike can benefit. If your desire is all-natural healthcare and longevity, we are here to meet your needs and exceed your expectations.

We can help you virtually, effectively and conveniently by phone.

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Success Stories

Most clients find us after they have been struggling with conditions for a long period of time. I create success by empowering my clients with knowledge of their own bodies, by cultivating their growth within my community of like-minded clients, and by providing a variety of fun approaches to maintaining optimum health for life.

Picture of Gary Allen

Gary Allen

Country Music Star

“Thank you Dr. Farkas!”

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John Taylor

Bassist, Duran Duran

“Dan… you were terrific. Yours is a talent worth having.”

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Marcus Morris

Boston Celtics

“I’m a client of Dr. Farkas”

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Simon Lebon

Singer, Duran Duran
“Daniel is highly effective.”
Picture of Scott Zink

Scott Zink

Golfer, Guinness World Record Holder, 505 Yard Hole in One

“Amazing! Thank you Dr. Daniel Farkas!”

Cardiac Success

“I absolutely feel that my heart is stronger and healthier… better than it has been in years!”

How I Recovered From Stage 4 Adrenal Fatigue

“I feel like I can live again…”

Free from Medication at Last

“I was shocked, I could not believe that I didn’t need thyroid (medication)… I feel so much better!”

Dr. Farkas as a guest Speaker For Whole Foods

Dr. Farkas was asked by Whole Foods to deliver a four-part Functional and Holistic Medicine lecture series. Throughout the series, Dr. Farkas discussed how he uses nutrition and natural medicine to promote optimal health. Whole Foods hosted this in-person event at their “Whole Cities” Health and Wellness facility in downtown Detroit and the series drew crowds of about 100 people each week.  

Dr. Farkas touched on many topics including food allergies and sensitivities, the gut-brain connection, neurotransmitters, mood disorders, and the use of genetics in health planning. His lectures were used to show the importance of finding the root cause and treating the whole person, not just symptoms. 

Dr. Farkas on a Wholes Foods flyer

we use the world’s best all-natural supplements with precision

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Reclaim Your Freedom

Health Coaching

If you are finding yourself stuck and want to take control of your health, I am here to guide you.  Brandi Farkas, a Registered Nurse and Holistic Health & Wellness Coach with over 25 years of experience will work hand-in-hand with husband, Dr. Daniel Farkas, an award-winning Functional Medicine Doctor with a reputation for helping celebrities, pro athletes, ordinary supermen, and extraordinary superwomen.

Dr. Daniel Farkas, D.C, C.F.M.P.

Certified Functional Medicine Practitioner

Dr. Daniel Farkas, DC is a Certified Functional Medicine Practitioner. He believes in finding the underlying cause of disease and dysfunction rather than just treating symptoms. Since 2004, he has seen that with specific dietary and lifestyle changes, herbal medicine, and quality nutritional supplements, that our bodies have an innate ability to heal.

Dr. Farkas says, “By identifying and removing what harms and adding what heals we are able to continually achieve better states of health.” His experience had taught him that supporting the whole person is necessary to get optimal results.

Brandi Farkas, R.N.

Registered Nurse and Natural Healthcare Practitioner

Brandi Farkas is an RN and Natural Healthcare Practitioner. She has worked in natural health care for 20 years and has a huge passion for implementing natural ways to stay healthy that fit into each individual’s lifestyle.

Brandi worked as a Personal Trainer and Nutritional Guidance Counselor before she decided to become an RN. After years of working with medicine, she found that in many cases, there was a natural alternative to prescriptions and that people using these alternatives were much happier.

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