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Women's Issues

Women present with certain “patterns” of symptoms which can create confusion, unnecessary medication use, and suffering. These patterns are due to the following:

Possible Symptoms

The Patterns

All of these issues are collectively the result of toxins, genetics, and stress. Do you fit into either of these “patterns” and if so, how many symptoms do you have?

The Early Pattern

Age 20's to 30's

The Later Pattern

Age 40's to 50's

Addressing The Issue

Unfortunately, ordinary health care has no real solution but just more “management” using drugs to mask the symptoms. These “patterns” can create a lifetime of difficulties if they aren’t addressed properly. 

What if you don't address it?

You are now or will become a candidate for:

What if you do address it?

You can recover the real you so that you may age naturally, smoothly, and free of unnecessary drugs or supplements.

Recover The Real You!

We put your body back together using a natural approach.

How We Help

We understand the “patterns”, where they come from, how to assess them, and what to do about them. It’s simple: We break down the body symptoms that contribute to these “patterns” and put them back together using a natural approach. 

We start with advanced tests that can be done easily at home, such as: 

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Ordinary sex hormone testing and stress hormone testing just doesn’t always provide enough information. Taking a sample on a random day of your cycle at a random time of the day can give random and uncertain results regarding what is really going on. The dried urine test is the ideal testing method. By obtaining 4 small urine samples through the course of a specific day of your cycle, you can get the deepest understanding of how your body is creating, using and eliminating sex hormones like estrogen, progesterone and testosterone as well the stress hormone cortisol.

Been battling difficult menstruation, fatigue, adrenal fatigue, sleep issues, anxiety, blood sugar issues, stubborn weight, Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) or more? Look to advanced home testing for advanced information you just wont find in ordinary clinics.

The connection between the gut and virtually every other system in your body is crucial. Getting problems identified with advanced testing is key.

Weak or damaged intestinal lining allows things that cause inflammation and immune system irritation to enter the blood stream. Just imagine living in a rough neighborhood and leaving your doors and windows wide open. Bad characters would eventually make their way into your home to create chaos or worse. In your body, weakened or damaged intestinal lining is referred to as “leaky gut syndrome.” Leaky and damaged gut walls create severe problems for your digestive system, your immune system and your hormonal system.

Also, bacteria live throughout the digestive system and maintain peace within this delicately balanced environment. When things are imbalanced due to antibiotic use, pesticides, toxic beauty products and stress you may unfortunately have disastrous health problems.

The good news is that these issues and more are completely revealed by using this advanced home stool test. Dr. Farkas always says, “Don’t guess, do a test.”

Food can be your best friend or your worst enemy. By using high-sensitivity testing you can know for sure what food is wrong for you right now so that you can cut inflammation, calm your immune system, soothe your digestive system and attack problem weight issues with certainty. Want to get your diet down to a science? It is possible with advanced home food sensitivity testing.

Toxins from beauty products accumulate and must be identified with reliable hair sampling to determine any necessary detoxification.

Your genetic weaknesses can be identified using results from these ordinary tests by simply downloading your raw data from the test company. All testing and interpretation can be done anonymously for privacy. 

We also use information from ordinary labs regarding thyroid, blood sugar, insulin, vitamin D, cholesterol, inflammation markers and more. 


This is crucial. We are excited to tell you that all-natural, advanced supplementation is now available for conditions such as:

The all-natural blends we will choose specifically for you from our supplier Metagenics are revolutionary and go far beyond ordinary vitamins’ capabilities to heal you.

Close Management

We are available by phone or chat through your entire process. We have found that close management in real time has been a key component to our client’s success. Technology has created the opportunity for close management that ordinary healthcare was not able to do in the past, and our clients love it. Best of all, we can help you virtually, effectively, and conveniently.

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