FirstLine Therapy is Lifestyle Support

A new way of life

In Just 12 Weeks

Begin to feel better

See that your health and wellness goals are achievable

Utilize your personalized strategies for healthy eating, healthy living, and physical activity

Personalized Lifestyle Support

The FirstLine Therapy program will:

The Path To Better Health

Reverse The Effects Of A Less-than-Optimal Lifestyle

FirstLine Therapy addresses many chronic lifestyle-related health issues such as:

Blood Sugar Balance


Cardiovascular Health

Gastrointestinal Health

Body Composition

Hormone Health

What Is STOPPING You From Doing Or Being Your Best?

Illness DOES NOT have to be a normal part of aging

What Is STOPPING You From Doing Or Being Your Best?

Illness DOES NOT have to be a normal part of aging

Lifestyle Modification Program

3 Pillars of FirstLine Therapy

This program uses proven coaching techniques to support healthy behavior change relating to the three pillars of the program. 

Healthy Eating

Emphasizing a modified Mediterranean food plan.

Foods to include:

Healthy Living

Focusing on a behavior change.

Improving behaviors:

Physical Activity

Targeting 4 components of movement. 

Encourage patients to include physical activity on a daily basis.

Invest In Your Health

Our programs cover everything you need.

  • Initial labs
  • All precision supplements and medical foods
  • 12 full weeks of close management with the doctor and the nurse lifestyle educator
  • A home bio impedance device
  • All support for sustainable results
See Sustainable Results

How We Can Help

Want to lose weight fast with sustainable results? Have you tried ordinary medical weight loss programs? Have you struggled to maintain your previous weight loss?

We understand your frustration. We also understand the truth behind sustainable weight loss. Over and over we have found that behavior change along with crucial professional support, custom diet recommendations, top-shelf healing supplementation along closely monitoring your progress will yield excellent results.

Great news! If you happen to live in Troy, Birmingham, Bloomfield Hills, West Bloomfield, Shelby, Shelby Township, or Macomb then you are right in our backyard.

Don’t wait, let’s get you Back to Health today.