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Skin Conditions

Skin conditions cause unnecessary suffering in adults, children and teens. Your baby’s skin issues are just as critical. Unfortunately, those unwelcome conditions are truly only just the surface. Some of these conditions include:

Possible Causes

Skin conditions are a direct reflection of the state of inner health of the body, and even slight issues can actually be a sign of:

*Note: You are 7 times more likely to develop other autoimmune conditions once you have developed the first. Stopping the progression is crucial.

Fall back in love with your skin.

Fall back in love with your skin.

The Problem

The cause of your skin problems is unclear or even misdiagnosed by a healthcare provider.

To make matters worse, there is an avalanche of confusing information on the web, and randomly trying prescriptions or natural remedies can have terrible consequences.

Not having clear information about the causes of your skin issues forces both you and the people trying to help you to be left guessing.

The Solution

We are Back to Health Natural Solutions and our specially trained doctors and nurses use only all-natural solutions to address our clients’ health concerns.

And we don’t guess, we test.

We use advanced testing that goes beyond the ordinary approach. Our advanced testing gives advanced answers to difficult skin problems.

What to Expect

Our advanced testing includes:

The gut truly is the foundation of immune system function and healing. Precision stool testing can reveal the cause of lack of healing or disease. The gut acts like a thermostat that can turn up or turn down the immune system. Our approach is so advanced that it is performed using genetic testing to evaluate the presence of anything good or anything bad in the entire digestive system. A simple stool test kit can be mailed anywhere. Click here for a sample.

Researchers estimate that at least 60% of the U.S. population suffers from unsuspected food reactions that can cause or complicate health problems. Symptoms can be extraordinarily diverse but may include bloating, indigestion, fatigue, itching, headache, childhood illness, rash, aggravation of auto-immune disease, stubborn weight loss, skin conditions and more. A simple blood test kit used to collect a specimen at home can be mailed anywhere. Click here for a sample.

Sex hormones and stress hormones play a crucial role in healthy skin, and too often the actual mechanisms of hormone function are not examined. Heavy or painful menses, sugar cravings, mood swings, anxiety, depression, sleep issues, chronic pain, libido concerns, skin conditions and more are signs that these areas require special investigation. A simple saliva or urine test can be sent anywhere by mail. Click here for a sample.

Heavy metals and environmental toxins surround us. They accumulate in our bodies and cause chronic inflammation, skin disorders or worse. We are pleased to offer specialty lab testing using a simple yet highly effective hair analysis performed by you in your home using a kit we will mail directly to you. Once a toxin is identified, the appropriate detoxification process can be utilized. Click here for a sample.

All-Natural Support

Our all-natural approach is like no other. We use advanced healing substances designed to heal the gut, detoxify the entire body safely, lower inflammation and regulate imbalanced hormones.

Our primary source of all-natural nutritional support comes from our specialty provider Metagenics, whose advanced formulas simply have no equal.

Your skin-success strategy using advanced Metagenics formulas, precision supplements, lifestyle coaching and healing support will be created by applying your test results to your specific treatment plan.

All of this will be provided by our specially trained Functional Medicine Doctor.

And don’t worry. We will stay in close contact with you the whole way. Together we can create your optimum results.

How It Works

It’s easy. Just schedule a free phone consultation.

The doctor will be able to determine if our approach may help you during this call. Right away, test kits can be sent out to you. Results come fast and once they are ready you will receive results and a live report from the doctor will be scheduled.

During this call, your specific support plan and follow-up will be laid out clearly for you.

And remember: we are with you the whole way. You can call or message us anytime throughout the process.

Our clients love the convenience and privacy our virtual services provide. We are confident you will too.

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Our Goal

Your Outcome

Our goal is for you or your loved one to be at and stay at their best state of health inside and out, while also preventing future issues.

Have questions? Visit our FAQ page! 

Our Goal

Your Outcome

Our goal is for you or your loved one to be at and stay at their best state of health inside and out, while also preventing future issues.

Have questions? Visit our FAQ page!