It’s so crazy how it happens… the tingling that turns to poking that turns to stinging that turns to stabbing that turns to serious misery.

Neuropathy affects so many people that you would think that by now science would have found a cure. The typical treatment (just like most things) is that you get prescribed some type of pill for the pain. In this case, it is usually Gaba also known as Neurontin. What is strange is that Neurontin is not even approved for pain, it is only approved for seizures. The worst part is is that Neurontin has really bad side effects and all they can do is keep giving you more and more til you can’t tolerate the side effects.

Really scary things usually follow the drug therapy. Once the body parts (usually the feet) start to degrade, they develop cuts and ulcers that don’t heal which leads to infections that never heal. These infections lead to something terrible called gangrene. This means that the tissue has died and that bacteria in the air are colonizing and feeding on the dead tissue like it was a dead fish on the seashore. It smells really bad, looks terrible and is heart-breaking.

Eventually, the surgeons end up having to cut off or “amputate” the dead parts so that the patient does not die. How terrible it must be to lose not only the ability to walk but to have to look at the site where a foot or leg use to be and is now gone.

The real tragedy is that this happens all the time since Neuropathy affects millions of people. Like I said, you would hope that there was a better path that is all natural.

I am glad to tell you that there is another way. There is a natural, safe way to address this and it does NOT include medicine or amputation. It is an all-natural approach that ONLY uses natural, plant-based items to heal up the problem, improve circulation, restore damaged tissues and prevent serious tragedy.

The biggest problem with neuropathy is this: bad circulation. Once you have poor circulation, the nerves that depend on oxygen from the blood start to wither away. Remember that the nerves control everything that happens to every single cell in the body. When the nerve dies, the cell dies, then the tissue dies and finally, the organ dies.

Just like you’d think, the best thing to do is to improve the circulation naturally right? I am glad to tell that there is a way to do this using only natural, plant-based items. It works like this: the main ingredient used is a highly effective vasodilator. The vasodilator naturally allows the arteries to open up so they can heal. This approach is coupled with supportive ingredients that allow the vasodilator to work better. The supportive ingredients also allow for cleansing, cleaning and ultimately, healing.

This is not a medical approach since it does not use medicine.

Everyone wants to do things the natural way since all medications have side-effects. People instinctively like to lead natural, normal lives free of chemical intervention. It just makes sense. Here’s a question: If you could do things safely and naturally, you’d do them right? Everybody would say “yes” of course. That is my hope for you. I hope that you do what we do and use only natural substances to help yourself and your friends and family.

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