Natural Healing and Natural Treatment

Healing comes from within. Despite modern advances in science, scientists are not able to artificially create even one cell. Your body creates cells every second. Clearly, the answer to healing can only be found INSIDE the mysterious body and within the intricacies of its vast and largely misunderstood systems.

Your ally in natural healing is the immune system which is INSIDE your body. The immune system essentially does two things:

  1. Fixes broken things.
  2. Fights off invaders.

It can be hard to imagine how this works but simply stated, the body uses its wire sensory system made of nerves to detect problems and when it does, its boss the brain sends out repair crews to fix broken things or it sends soldiers to fight invaders. This process is called INFLAMMATION.

Inflammation requires extra blood flow, fluids, lots of energy, time and sacrifice.

The immune system truly never rests. It is always on the look out for things to fight or fix. You are constantly under threat due to the stressful, toxin-rich world in which you live in.

You can inhale bad things, absorb them through your skin or even inject them directly into your bloodstream yet the most common way invaders can get into your body and create damage is through what you eat. Because of this, the digestive system is key in controlling immune system activity.

This whole process starts in your gut which is also known as the small intestine. The small intestine has complete control over the activity of the immune system. It can influence the brain to create and mobilize soldiers to fight off invasion and it can request repair in critical body areas.

So, what can go wrong that can prevent natural and effective healing?

Oftentimes, the small intestine can fall into a state of dysfunction which has a DIRECT EFFECT on the body’s entire immune system. This can come from unnatural things getting inside the body, overcoming the defenses the small intestine provides and sneaking into or even barging into the bloodstream. Pesticides, chemicals from beauty products, anti-biotics, medications, gluten, food additives, food sensitivities (even to healthy organic foods), hormone irregularities and especially chronic mental STRESS cause the small intestine’s protection to become ineffective.

How can you be sure about what is not working?

Typical medical diagnostic tests like MRI’s, X-rays, CT’s, colonoscopies and blood tests look for the presence of diseases like cancer but they don’t give much direction to getting sick people HEALTHY. If you want to just stay alive, modern medicine is the only way to go. But if you want to heal naturally, thrive and be truly healthy you now have access to so much more through alternative healthcare.

Is there an all-natural way to get back on track?

Yes! Naturopaths, Holistic doctors, Functional Medicine doctors and many other disciplines offer exciting new technologies in testing and treatment that focus on evaluation and natural treatment of the all-important gut. Again, the gut is the foundational piece of the immune system which greatly influences natural healing and overall health.

So, how does this advanced type of testing for the gut work?

Its quite simple. In order to evaluate how the gut is truly functioning it is necessary to evaluate what is going into the gut and what is coming out of the gut. This is accomplished with simple but special food tests and stool tests that you won’t find in an ordinary doctor’s office.

Remember, natural healing comes from within and is centered in the function of the gut.

How does natural healing of the gut happen? By using the “4 R” approach which stands for Remove, Replace, Repair and Restore.

Natural healing and natural treatment for virtually ANY type of illness can be maximized by: Removing irritating foods, removing parasites and overgrown bacteria or yeast, Replacing missing or low digestive enzymes, Repairing the actual wall of the gut and Restoring the optimal balance of the healthy bacteria and yeast that should be present in the gut.

Where to find help no matter where you are.

Help is available! You can get info on gut testing and food testing HERE.

Natural healing comes from within and when it comes to natural healing, we say, “Don’t guess… TEST!”

If you need help, please contact us using the info below and we will be glad to find you help for natural healing no matter where you live!

Author: Dr. Daniel Farkas, DC, CFMP, Certified Functional Medicine Practitioner and speaker for Whole Foods’ “Whole Cities” community health initiative.

Dr. Farkas can be contacted at

(248) 979-7340