Susan came into my office in June. She complained of stomach pain, poor digestion, GERD, eczema & high cholesterol. 

She also reported that she had difficulty falling asleep & staying asleep. 

Susan was prescribed countless medications that she took for all of these that were ultimately doing nothing for any of her issues.  

Susan showed up in my office desperate to address the root cause of her digestive issues. She was done with Dr. Google, all of the “Ologists” she had been to that had recommended yet another medication to mask the symptoms as her condition worsened. 

When she came in we ordered some alternative tests looking at her gut health and established a gut restoration program specifically for her and her digestive issues. 

While Susan worked on healing her gut we found some very important steps along the way that had her sleeping like a baby again. 

Susan was so surprised at how much better she was sleeping 

The truth is that by switching carbs, NOT ELIMINATING THEM, most of my clients have all reported significantly better sleep.

Changing your diet to eat only complex carbs instead of simple carbs 3 times per day will make a huge difference in how you feel throughout the day and how you sleep at night.  

So here’s how it works…

…Complex carbs break down slowly & steady & keep your blood sugar balanced.  When that is in check your cortisol will stay steady too. This ultimately leads to a good night’s sleep without waking up in the middle of the night.  

So here is my challenge to you….In addition to eating 3 meals a day with lean protein, fat & organic veggies try adding in ½ cup of my favorite complex carbs: Brown rice, Quinoa or Sweet Potato.  

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