Want mastery of your health? Then get to know your new ally, your gut.

We eat food, we chew it, we swallow it and it enters our stomach where acids break down what we ate… but that is just the beginning. The acidy soup that our food is broken down into then is transferred into the small intestine which is a muscular tube about 20 feet long and then on to the large intestine which is about 5 feet long. 

This is, as we say, where the magic happens.

The intestines represent the entrance of everything we ate and drank into the bloodstream.  The intestines have an enormous amount of POWER and INFLUENCE of many crucial systems of the body. This is due to the massive amount of RESPONSIBILITY they possess.

These long muscular tubes control what gets into our bodies which can either help or hurt us. Just like soldiers at the border of a powerful country, the intestines carefully control what is allowed to enter. Healthy fats, proteins, carbohydrates, minerals and nutrients are all welcome. Imagine what the soldiers guarding entry would do if a foreign invader attempted to breach the inside of the intestines’ defenses.

War! Oftentimes with civilian casualties unfortunately.

Understand that the gut has the ability to call in armed forces to deal with potential invaders. The armed forces in this case represent the “immune system.” The immune system is our friend but it will protect us at all costs even if it injures us in the process. Furthermore, the immune system is relentless in its effort to try to keep us alive no matter what.

Different things set it off. Pesticides, toxins, artificial foods, prescription drugs, illicit drug abuse, antibiotic use, infection and most all MENTAL STRESS trigger it to fight. This fighting force is called “inflammation.” See the word “flame” in inflammation? The immune system can act like a flamethrower used to fight back invasion but can unfortunately damage tissues in the gut and throughout the body. Please note that our intestines are filled with friendly bacteria that keep us alive, feeling good and keep us safe. They really really don’t care much for inflammation as it causes them serious distress.

So… what to do?

We are surrounded by toxins and stress everywhere we turn right?

Knowing your enemy is the first place to start. Be certain about what you are putting in your body. Drugs of all kinds, non-organic foods, pesticides, chemicals, beauty products and more surround us. 

Here’s the good news: you CAN control what gets into your home.

All-natural hygiene products are in the same grocery stores as the toxic products. Organic, chemical-free food is right there too. Do your household a favor and stop bringing poison into the house.

And start supporting your ally the gut and its army of friendly bacteria. Feed them all chemical-free food (and water!) and give them what they love: organic, root vegetables like potato, sweet potato, carrot, onion, beet, celery and any other vegetable you have to pull out of  the ground. These all contain FIBER which is what your friendly bacteria eat. Fiber also gives healthy mass to stool, scrubs intestinal walls and contains naturally occurring samples of healthy bacteria your gut loves.

Eat those root vegetables and eat them dirty! Keep those healthy bacteria on them.

Fight back against toxins and stress and the havoc they wreak on our bodies. You are in control, exercise your power to be healthy and strong.

Want more info about your condition or wonder where to get help? Please contact us and we will be glad to help you find your best course of action. Don’t worry, we can help no matter where you are and we are here to help.

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