Food sensitivities by definition are negative reactions our bodies have when exposed to certain foods. These negative reactions cause a response from the body’s immune system called inflammation.

Inflammation fights invaders and fixes broken things. It is crucial for survival. Acute short-term inflammation is helpful to repair injuries. The short-term duration is key since the process of inflammation causes damage to surrounding tissues. Again, short-term inflammation is beneficial and goes away.

The worst and most damaging type of inflammation is chronic, long-term inflammation. It causes malfunction and damage to tissues and to the body as a whole. Imagine if police, firefighters, construction workers and home renovators never left your home following a fire. Imagine how difficult or impossible it would be for you to carry on a normal peaceful life.

Chronic inflammation results in chronic pain, joint degeneration, fatigue, weakened immunity, auto-immune disease and more.

Food sensitivities cause chronic inflammation and understanding them can dramatically change the present and future of your health.

Where do sensitivities come from? A large portion of food sensitivities come from weak, damaged or leaking intestinal walls.

Pesticides, toxic beauty/hygiene products, antibiotics, infections, medication use and most of all STRESS wreak havoc on the delicate walls of the intestines. Just image a garden hose with hundreds of pin holes. Can you image water spraying out of these holes? Guess where this water sprays and leaks to?

The answer is: right into the blood stream.

The outside of the “hose” is covered with blood vessels and nerves. This absorption process is supposed to happen in a careful and controlled manner. Unfortunately, damaged and weakened intestinal walls allow anything and ESPECIALLY problematic foods direct access right into the bloodstream.

This can easily create chronic activation of the immune system resulting in chronic inflammation and the miserable health problems that accompany it.

Understand that you can identify food sensitivities with simple at home blood test kits from a quality lab. Typically a doctor will determine which test panel is right for you and will also explain what the diversity and severity of your sensitivities mean.

Food sensitivities go up and down over time so forget about trying to guess about them. Don’t guess, test.
Food sensitivities can be decreased or eliminated over time by removing the offending foods and by taking a legitimate approach to healing the damaged or weakened gut wall. Great news, simple stool tests can confirm the presence and severity of leaky or damaged intestines.

Knowledge is power. Understanding the truth about food sensitivities puts you in the driver’s seat of your health.
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