It robs us of productivity.

It steals our motivation.

And it can get out of control.

Let’s look at our bodies like a simple machine which happens to make its own energy… and this particular machine requires a lot of energy.

The issue is that the energy is limited and is often directed to the most critical areas of our bodies which deal with life and death issues. Fighting off foreign invaders and fixing damaged tissues are at the top of the list. Unfortunately, the systems in our bodies which balance hormones, regulate weight, regulate sleep and keep us feeling calm get short-changed by the immune system. Understand that the immune system is our ally. It is our friend. Right now it is coordinating the production and removal of millions of cells this minute. Imagine all of the superintendents, maintenance people and trash collectors in our country. Now imagine how many are in the world. They are working to fix problems, improve damage and maintain function. There has to be millions of people working on every building, road and machine that exists. This is just the way the immune system works under ideal conditions.

The gut represents the small and large intestines. They are responsible with policing what gets absorbed into the blood which could potentially help or potentially harm our health. They are powerful, strong and capable but like any physical thing they have their limitations. They can be overloaded and overwhelmed. When toxic things like pesticides, hygiene products, beauty products, medications, environmental pollutants and most of all mental stress are introduced into this delicate system malfunction is sure to follow.

The barrier that protects the bloodstream from toxins can and does become worn down. Just imagine a garden hose with pin holes in it. What does it do under pressure? It leaks. Little streams of water shoot out. This is just like what happens to the gut when its interior wall becomes toxified, stressed, stretched and overwhelmed. Then the real problems begin. The toxins invade the blood, find their way into every single organ, system and cell in the body. These things are definitely not supposed to be there. This triggers the healthy and appropriate response of the immune system called inflammation. The immune system has scouts which tag and label the invaders then the combat begins. The immune system sends out its troops to rip the invaders apart and to gobble them up. This is a normal response which also takes a lot of energy. The catch is that it is just supposed to be temporary.

When something is on-going or constant it is referred to as chronic. Chronic activity of the immune system creates chronic inflammation. Just imagine the crowding of ordinary body systems, organs and cells congested and jammed up by the soldiers deployed by the immune system. Imagine living in a country which has an active war being fought in the streets where we live, shop and work. Living normally would be impossible right?

The reality is that war costs energy. Think about a country at war that is being invaded let alone fighting a war in another country. It is an unbelievable drain on the resources of that invaded country at war. This is a perfect example of what happens to our over-worked and under-paid immune systems when the gut is weakened, beat down and leaking. This sad state of the gut leads to serious problems such as diabetes, autoimmune disease, cardiovascular disease, dementia, chronic pain, chronic fatigue and more. It’s all about chronic inflammation and the devastating effect it has on the body.

So… what to do?

The simple idea is to strengthen the gut wall’s defenses so that the reason for the chronic inflammation is eradicated. Removing the pesticides, toxic beauty products and stress and replacing them with healthy gut-promoting practices is crucial. This is a great foundation. The reality is that due to the unnatural substances that affect the gut so profoundly there often needs to be a more profound or deeper way of examining the damage and imbalance that has occurred within the gut. Extreme problems call for extreme measures. Extraordinary stool testing and high quality food testing can reveal hidden causes of gut dysfunction that basic good health practices can’t remedy. Finding a stool test near you is easy. For the best results, include your exact location in the search. For example, search for “advanced stool test near me“.

We can get started and help our gut today by ditching the toxic beauty and hygiene products, choosing only organic pesticide-free foods and taking a serious assessment of our mental stress and its triggers. This is how we can create a foundation of good health practices so as not to burden the gut unnecessarily which likely results in chronic, joy-robbing fatigue.

What to do if we still have persistent fatigue?

Good news! Natural healthcare providers whose focus is on gut health abound. Getting the right natural help through specialty stool and food testing for stubborn fatigue can bring happiness back into the lives of children and adults struggling with fatigue.

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