“Why an Elimination Diet Can Be a Waste of Time”

Are you concerned or have you already found that an elimination diet is a pointless, difficult and ineffective way to try to improve your health? You might be right and here’s why: Elimination diets are too general if you are trying to determine EXACTLY what you should or should not be eating. Elimination diets are […]

How to Stop Having Pain All Over

Pain is your enemy. Pain is your friend. Pain is your enemy? Pain is your friend? Confused yet? Having pain all over can be even more confusing and there are no shortage of choices available for how to handle pain. The problem that persists is the mystery of what is causing pain. There are essentially […]

Enjoying a Worry-Free Diet

By the time the food is on our fork and poised for consumption, a lot of thoughts oftentimes accompany this simple act. “Is this good for me?” “Is this bad for me?” “Should I be eating this?” “Should I be eating more of this?” “Am I going to regret eating this?” Or, “why am I […]

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